How To

Hey. here are some how-to tips. (:

How to Use a Manual Proxy:

1. Log out of Stardoll.
2. Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete at the same time. If a window pops up (depends what browser you are using) check all the boxes and ALL DAYS.
3. Insert the proxy number, (it will be shown on the post)

For Firefox:
Go to Tools>Options>Advanced>Choose the tab 'Network'>Settings>Then check the 'Manual Configuration box>Then enter the proxy number.>Hit Ok>Ok

For Internet Explorer and Chrome:
Go to Tools>Internet Options>Choose 'Connections' tab>Click on LAN settings>Check the 'Use A Proxy Server for this Connection' box>Enter the proxy number>Click OK.

For Safari:
Select Preferencs>Advanced>Proxies: Change Settings>Check the Web Proxy (HTTP)>Enter the proxy number>Click Apply

4. Go to Stardoll.com and log in.
5. Then in follow any steps that are given in the post (Ex. Paste http://www.stardoll.com/en/stardolltv in the address bar)
7. After you've gone to any link given or something else, Log out of Stardoll & remove the proxy.

For Firefox:
Tools>Options>Advanced>Network>Settings>Check the 'No Proxy' box

For Internet Explorer or Chrome:
Tools>Internet Options>Choose 'Connections' tab>Click LAN settings>Check the 'Automatic Detect Settings' box.

Preferences>Advanced>Proxies: Change settings>Uncheck the box>Click Apply

How To Take A Screen Shot (On a PC):

1. Get you image (Ex. Say you want your medoll in your suite, go to your suite)
2. Press Prt Scr
3. Open up PAINT
4. Go to Edit>Paste
5. Crop your image if you want
6. Go to File>Save & then click save
7. After that you can go to http://www.tinypic.com/ and upload it if you like.

How to Follow Maura-Stardoll ♥:

1) Look for this toolbar at Maura-Stardoll. To look for it, it should either be at the start of the Maura-Stardoll page or at the sidebar. It will look like the picture above.
2) Look for this button above on the Follower icon pictures! Click on 'Join this site' button.

3) A window will pop-up like the picture above! Click on any of the type of accounts that offers you above. There is Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, Netlog or OpenID. If you don't have any one of them, I suggest creating a Google/ Gmail account because Blogger works better with Google/ Gmail accounts.

4) Whichever one you've clicked, follow the steps that it leads you to and voila! You are now an official follower of Maura-Stardoll! Thank you for following us ♥

Want to know something else?
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