Cheap Items in Starplaza.

I know I have already posted today, but I was just searching through Starplaza and found some very cheap clothes. They used to be these prices when they were released in Starplaza, but then their price glitch was fixed and they went way up in price. Now, because of the Starplaza sales, they are back to their cheap price. So if you havn't already bought them then now's the time to buy.

Colourblock Fern Top: search 'Rio' and go to page 7
Faux Fur Leopard Vest: search 'Rio' and go to page 8
Typewriter Shorts: search 'Bonjour Bisou' and go to page 11
Maroon Fringe Boots: search 'Bonjour Bisou' and go to page 14

xx. Rosie

P.S If it's OK with everyone, I think I might post similar topics too this from now on, as I see Katerina is back writing about free items, and I don't want to take her topic.


Anonymous said...

i know this was from two years ago but do u think its still on... an if it is how do i search something? thanx!